Blogging with Becky

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finding Fun in Hallways

I know my speciality is television, but enertainment comes in many forms. I know my generation finds the electronic form of entertainment, but I find the most fun in watching people. I know that sounds creepy that I watch people, but if you try to it you will love it. High school students have drama occuring in the hallways daily. A real life soap opera is so much more interesting because there is no censorship in the hallways. Also watching people fools of themselves in the hallways provides a check on your own behavior. If I see the way a girl acts whenever her and her boyfriend are in a fight I put in the back on my mind. I have a list of how not to act when the public sees me. Just a little words of wisdom.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saturday Morning Blues

As I sit in with my Capt'n Crunch on Saturday mornings I feel sorry for the children in today's world. When I was a child I watched Looney Toones and quality television for kids, but now I am disgusted with the choices of kids television shows. On the WB they have a show a ninja skunk. WHAT!? Who knows, maybe this batch of children will turn out horrible because they didn't have quality Saturday morning shows.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Top Model Equals Top Show

The 10th season of America’s Next Top Model premieres tonight on the CW. I am so excited. The truth is that I don’t not understand why I like the show because it is about skinny, tall models that wouldn’t be so mean, if they ate some candy. I guess I can’t make fun of the girls on the show because during winter break I watched all nine seasons on VH1 for an entire week. Yes, I was the girl on her couch all break. Maybe the reason people like reality TV shows filled with drama because they need a contrast to their own lives, which is not so dramatic or filled with photographers taking pictures of them. I will never be a model, but I will be making fierce poses in front of the TV while I’m watching Tyra Banks.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Female Dancers: Doesn't Have to Mean Sex Appeal

Last Thursday I watched American's Best Dance Crew on VH1 for the first time ever. I like dancing so one of my friends at school mentioned it to me. When I was watching the dance-off at the end surprised me the most. Fysh and Sticks is all female dance crew and not point in their performance did I find it revolting to the female sex. They were wonderful dancers who did moves that usually are only set aside for men, and they rocked it. Fysh and Sticks smashed the sterotype that female dancers must do moves that make women blush and men drool. So I will be calling up to support my girls Fysh and Sticks

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Academy Award Amnesia

Last Sunday night I tried to watch the Oscars, but I gave into my physical desire to fall asleep when a guy who didn’t speak English won an award for his foreign film. I can’t help it, his French was so relaxing. This year the Academy Awards had record lows of viewership. Why? Because people have a large number of choices of what to watch on their Sunday nights. Let’s face it the Academy Awards are boring, long, and the only reason to watch is to see the dresses. The Academy Award Committee needs to step their game to make it more entertaining. Maybe if Johnny Depp would throw a hissy fit if he didn't win best actor, then I would watch.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank God for Writers!!

After the drama of the writers’ strike I am eternally thankful that the writers are back to work. Television is my stress reliever. After doing all my homework my brain is tired, and TV provides a numbing medication for my tired self. For three maddening months I had to watch terrible reality television shows and reruns I saw weeks earlier. So here is my shout out to all of the writers a part of guild saying thank you for coming back. I hope you guys got what you wanted so I can get to my brain-numbing entertainment.